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Then and Now History Podcast: Global History and Culture

Welcome to our podcast Then and Now History: Global History and Culture. Then and Now is a project with students in an introductory global history and culture course at the University of Minnesota. The podcast title (Then and Now)  reflects the relationship between today's events with the history forces from the past. Topics in the podcast include: (a) review of history topics in the course' (b) special music episodes connecting a country's culture with its artistic production through music; (c) special interview episodes with voices of students and community members as they were part of historical events; (d) 'podcast rebroadcasts' that other history podcasters gave permission to rebroadcast one of their episodes; and (e) music videos that feature important slides from the unit PP presentation. Every episode features some of the best independent music artists from a website that makes available podcast-approved songs. Share comments about the podcast with the course instructor, David Arendale,  I am an associate professor in the Curriculum and Instruction Department within the College of Education and Human Development at UMN.  Visit my personal website for other history-related content and other information,  

This podcast is available through the following podcast directories and apps: iTunes, Libsyn,, Stitcher, TuneIn, iHeartRadio, Google Play Music, Player FM, Overcast, Pocket Casts, iCatcher, RSSRadio, and Castamatic. It is also available through the following websites:, Thenandnowpodcast Facebook page, and the Then and Now Podcast YouTube channel. Follow our Twitter account, @ThenNow_History

Please post comments to the individual episodes, post to the iTunes podcast review and rating section, and email to me. Thanks for listening, David Arendale, 

Feb 12, 2017

This PDF documents provided an annotated list of history podcasts to which I am subscribed.  I hope you will find some new ones that will become your favorites as well.

I have been inspired by many other great history podcasts.  I have a particular interest in World War One and World War Two.  Also, several dealing with interviews of people who survived The Holocust.  Several of the independent history podcasters have given me permission to rebroadcast a few of their episodes.  I am very grateful for their contribution to the students in my history class.