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Then and Now: Global History and Culture

Welcome to our podcast. Current episodes feature lectures from my global culture and history course at the University of Minnesota. The podcast title (Then and Now)  reflects the relationship between today's events with the history forces from the past.

When the podcast began in 2006, it was a project with students in my global history course. We worked together to: (a) review of history topics in the course' (b) special music episodes connecting a country's culture with its artistic production through music; (c) special interview episodes with voices of students and community members as they were part of historical events; (d) 'podcast rebroadcasts' that other history podcasters gave permission to rebroadcast one of their episodes; and (e) music videos that featured important slides from the unit PP presentation. Every episode featureded some of the best independent music artists from a website that makes available podcast-approved songs. Share comments about the podcast with the course instructor, David Arendale,  I am an associate professor  at UMN.  Visit my personal website for other history-related content and other information,  

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Feb 23, 2024

(Bonus) The Warsaw Pact (WP),[d] formally the Treaty of Friendship, Cooperation and Mutual Assistance (TFCMA),[e] was a collective defense treaty signed in WarsawPoland, between the Soviet Union and seven other Eastern Bloc socialist republics of Central and Eastern Europe in May 1955, during the Cold War. The term...

Feb 23, 2024

(Bonus) The Cold War originated in the breakdown of relations between the two main victors in World War IIUnited States and the Soviet Union, and their respective allies, the Western Bloc and the Eastern Bloc, in the years 1945–1949. The origins derive from diplomatic (and occasional military) confrontations...

Feb 23, 2024

(Bonus) The North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO /ˈnt/ NAY-tohFrenchOrganisation du traité de l'Atlantique nordOTAN), also called the North Atlantic Alliance, is an intergovernmental military alliance of 31 member states – 29 European and two North American. Established in the aftermath of World...

Feb 23, 2024

(Bonus) The Eastern Bloc, also known as the Communist Bloc, the Socialist Bloc, and the Soviet Bloc, was the coalition of communist states of Central and Eastern EuropeAsiaAfrica, and Latin America that were aligned with the Soviet Union and existed during the Cold War (1947–1991). These states followed the...

Feb 23, 2024

S16-E03 Topics: Arming of the East and the West, formation of NATO pact, formation of the WARSAW pact.

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